Amber Valley Kennels, located in Maryland, was started with the goal to produce healthy Beagle puppies that are wonderful family pets.  I had the fun experience growing up with a variety of animals and have owned dogs most of my life.  My first puppy was incidentally a Beagle and ever since they have been my favorite breed.  Raising and training canines of all ages are two of my passions.  

My one Beagle and I have passed the Delta Society Pet Partners team screening.  She has visited various hospitals and nursing homes providing animal assisted therapy and activities.  It's been neat to see how a little dog can help with things such as--taking a person's mind off their pain, motivating them to speak or do physical exercise and simply brightening up their day.  

Many people comment how they are surprised at my Beagles' quiet, calm and friendly dispositions.  They are a very intelligent breed with one impressive nose. :)  I think two things that really stand out are their easy-going personalities and ability to adapt to different situations.  Out of the 173 breeds recognized by the AKC in 2011, the Beagle ranked 3rd in popularity!  

During your puppy's time with me they will be exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, smells, and situations which gives them a great start to becoming well rounded adults. They make awesome family companions and are wonderful with children.  Along with quality health and temperaments, I am always endeavoring to produce puppies with good looks and conformation that conforms to the breed standard.  And naturally to accomplish this one must start with parents that are good specimens of their breed.  

My dogs are registered with the United Kennel Club and also have many AKC reg. ancestors.  Some colors they produce are: tri-color, bi-color, chocolate tri-color and some have blue and redticking.  

I will occasionally provide boarding (along with grooming, baths and nail trims) for the puppies Amber Valley Kennels produces.  Please contact me for additional information and availability.  

AVK currently has puppies who have found a home with families in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York,
New Jersey, Virginia, and Colorado.  Please contact me with any questions and have fun browsing the site!
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