No puppies available now or planned litters.  I will update the site if and when this should change.  Thank you!
All my Beagle puppies will have:Reserving a Puppy:

I require a non-refundable deposit to hold your Beagle puppy until they are ready to go home.  (This will be deducted from the total cost of the puppy.)  I'll start accepting deposits and deposit contracts after the pups are born.  If you are interested in a litter that is listed on the site, please contact me for more information.  I will post frequent pictures of the puppies as they grow.  The Beagle puppies here at Amber Valley Kennels are well socialized and used to being around and interacting with people of all ages.  They are familiar with the noises of everyday life such as: a skid loader driving past, kids playing, thunder and lawn mowers.  

Around five weeks old the puppies are moved to a temperature controlled indoor/outdoor kennel run.  They get used to doing "their business" outside (on the grass as well) and sleeping inside.  This is an awesome plus for any family looking to adopt a puppy!  It helps the puppies get the hang of house-training much faster when they go to their new homes!  This is quite different than the method most breeders use = raise the puppy inside in a whelping box or pen on newspaper, etc., until it leaves.  Consequently, the puppy gets used to going potty indoors and is much harder for you to house-train.  

I start allowing people to come meet any available puppies once they have reached six weeks old.  Appointments can be set at convenient times for both parties and must be made in order to visit the puppies.  I allow buyers to select a puppy in the order that I receive the deposits.  I will not accept more deposits than there are puppies. All my Beagle puppies can go to their new homes around eight weeks old.  Buyers must pay the full purchase price before I will let a pup leave.  Please contact me with any questions.
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