My wife bought our first dogs as a couple from Amber Valley Kennels. We had a difficult time choosing between two puppies so we opted for the best alternative and took them both. They have been a joy to our family. We would strongly recommend Amber Valley Kennels for anyone seeking a new "family member." Hannah and her family are very accommodating, and give the best advice available. ~James & Amanda  


Hi Hannah,  We just wanted to say hello and tell you Daisy is doing good. She had a great 1st x-mas and loved all her gifts except maybe the Santa's Little Helper T-shirt, lol.  She is forever changing colors, LOL. I attached some pics of her. At one point her head turned white now it's all reddish tan and she has all this light tan color starting to take over the darker brown on her legs so it will be interesting to see what she turns out to be.  We definitely plan on doing agility with her down the road because she is quite the runner, climber, etc. They did a tunnel at training class one day to see who liked it and she took to it right away.  Hope all's well with you and thanks again for a wonderful beagle baby. :)  ~Dawn

Updated Pictures:

As a certified professional dog trainer, I know that a critical part of having a well mannered dog starts with the initial socialization of the puppy. The best breeders start this process as soon as the puppies are born. I was very impressed with the socialization Amber Valley Kennel's provides their puppies. They are exposed to every day household sights and sounds, are handled daily by a wide range of people and are exposed to house-training in grass before they ever go home. They are also kept until 8 weeks of age so they can learn critical canine skills from their mom and littermates. Hannah was very responsive to my questions and very knowledgeable about the importance of raising a great family pet. I would highly recommend Amber Valley Kennels!
~Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA

Hi Hannah--Everything is going great.  I hope your Holidays are going well.  "Rowdy" was renamed to Dasher.  This year I've had a lot of people ask me if Dasher will be busy on Christmas Eve helping to deliver toys.    Dasher is a wonderful dog.  He is shorter than most Beagles, but far wider and sturdy.  We love how social and considerate Dasher is.  Dasher is really good with small dogs because he knows how to be gentle, but he can also play rougher for the bigger dogs.  He often goes to the dog park and has lots of fun. Dasher is also a great dog to take around people that are nervous of dogs.  Somehow his wagging tail and gentle demeanor calms people.  He loves everyone he meets and has a soft spot for children.  Currently the neighbor girls come over to see Dasher every day during the week.  His favorite games to play with them are keep away and tug-o-war.  Recently Dasher learned how to shake and will be going with us to see friends in Tucson for Christmas.  This will be his second trip to Arizona where he gets to play with his Labrador friend named Easy.  I am forever amazed at how well Dasher does in any situation and how quiet he is.  Rarely does Dasher howl or whine, and I've only heard him bark in his sleep.  He always has a sweet puppy smile for everyone he meets and is forever curious about new things.  I've attached some photos for you so you can see what he looks like now. 
Happy Holidays, Aleisha


Hi Hannah, Bella is doing great!  We just moved into a bigger house that has 3 sets of stairs and a little back area so she has been loving it.  She has been a fantastic dog.  She is extremely friendly with all other dogs (so much so we are thinking of getting her a sibling) and other people.  She has a nice energy level and has topped out at around 28 pounds.  She hasn't gained any weight in about 3 months and the vet is thrilled with her condition.  We couldn't be happier with her.  I have attached our favorite pictures of her for you. Hope all is well.  ~David and Deanna 


We thought we had "aged out" when we put down our faithful beagle who was 16.  Months later while browsing through the internet, I ran across a beautiful website for Amber Valley Kennels and fell in love with the beagle puppies!  As I sat there crying over my best friend (with 4 legs) who was no longer with us, I realized that I/we needed another beagle in our lives. Imagine my surprise and delight when I entered the site one day and found that Leela had whelped (Oct 20, 2011) and we could put in our reservation for one of the male puppies in this litter.  I was impressed with Hannah's patience as I blubbered on the phone about our loss because "she got it", she knew the pain we felt and she had the cure for it.  When we went to meet our soon-to-be-adopted son at the farm, I was impressed with the barn, the kennel for Leela and the pups because it was a home environment and yet professionally run.  We had love at first site with our Buddy and left him there to finish the weaning process with his litter mates.  We picked him up in December at 8 weeks and discovered once again that no two beagles are alike, Buddy (the 5th beagle in our family) has since grown into a handsome 1 year old and became a VIP (very important puppy) in our family!  ~Ruth & Rob


Copper is a great family pet.  He is very social and lovable.  He loves everyone.  He has a great personality and is very smart.  He was tracking rabbits at five months.  We would highly recommend having a beagle for a pet. ~The Price Family   


Hi Hannah, Camden is an amazing dog! We get so many compliments on how handsome he is! Our vet was also extremely impressed with him. We took him two days after we got him home and the vet said that we must have had an amazing breeder. Thank you so much!  ~Katie
Update: Hi Hannah,  Hope all is going well with you. Tucker and Camden are doing awesome!! I have enclosed a few pictures of Camden and a few with Tucker. They are both absolutely wonderful dogs and we still get compliments on them almost every time we go out!!




Hi Hannah, I just wanted to give you an update! Marley is perfect! She is the most loving dog in the world, and enjoys sleeping on whatever she can lay on. She loves to be outside. She loves squirrels and birds and loves her mom and dad! We can not thank you enough, we did not realize how much we would love her!
Thanks, Catherine!






Hannah, We just wanted to let you know that Cassidy is doing well! Her vet appointment was a success - she slept through the whole thing! She seems to enjoy chasing Magnum and our kids through the yard and then puts herself to sleep in her cage.  She really likes the cage. We are glad that we had the blankets that smell like Kyra.   Update: Just wanted to let you know that we think your method for getting the puppies used to house breaking is absolutely amazing!  Cassidy has been here for one week and she has never "pooped" in the house! Now that she gives us a clear signal to go out, she hasn't peed in the house in days either.  We have never trained a dog so easily!  Thank you for all of the work you put in at the beginning.  It clearly makes a difference!  ~Jason and Heather   


Hi Hannah, Well our Sidney Lane is officially 14 weeks old tomorrow and she weighs 24 lbs. She is housebroken completely and loves to travel. She has been to about 4 Lacrosse games in Virginia and travels beautifully. We actually took her to the nursing home about 2 weeks ago and she was so calm and considerate with everyone she met!! I believe she is very intuitive about when she needs to be calm with certain people. She also does well around wheel chairs and will sit to the side so she can be petted...amazing. Here are a few pictures we just took and also one from 2 weeks ago where she was dressed up for the JMU Lacrosse game.  Thank you again for such a wonderful friend. ~Len & Gail

Updated Pictures:

Hi, Hannah - I just wanted to let you know that Rosie is doing very well!  We are all absolutely in love with her! She has been having lots of fun with Olivia and Dylan, and she is learning to come and sit on command already. Of course, she cried quite a bit the first night home, but last night was so much better.  She didn't cry at all going into her crate and settled down quickly. Today was her first vet appointment, and she did great! She was so good for the vet and the techs - they all wanted to take her home!  I hope that you and Kyra are getting some much needed rest after your busy weekend!  Take care, and we will check in with you soon. ~ Jennifer  
Update: Hi Hannah--I am happy to report that Rosebud is doing just fine.  She was over 60 pounds at her last vet appointment, and she still seems to be growing every day!  She is super sweet and very affectionate. She is of course great with the kids, who love her dearly.  Her training is going pretty well.  She learned all of the basic commands within days of coming home. Currently, we are taking her to obedience training once a week, and she is enjoying that experience. Although, I am sure that she would prefer to play with everyone, rather than learn how to walk properly!   Take care and we will catch up with you soon.

Hi Hannah!  Dakota (Codi) is getting so big!! She is learning to swim in our pool and she just loves it! As soon as she goes outside she runs up on the deck waiting for someone to throw her ball in the pool so she can jump in and get it. She has grown from a cute little puppy into a beautiful little girl! And she definitely inherited her mom's good looks! She has become a great addition to our family!! Thank you for all your help and we'll be in touch soon!  ~Emily  


Hi Hannah - I hope you and your family had a wonderful Holiday Season.  We just wanted to give you an update on Dempsey (formerly known as Tank).  He is quite the handsome guy and has a fantastic personality.  He has kept us quite busy this past year as most golden puppies do.  He weighs 65 lbs and is still growing.  The vets original weight estimate when he was only a few months old was 95 lbs - we think (hope) he'll top out at about 75 lbs.  We've attached a few pictures - as you'll see, he absolutely loves the snow.  He's also great with our grandkids (4 and 2). ~Doreen & Bob 


Hannah - You did a great job and we couldn't be happier with our second son. :)  If only his hair would stop shedding on our couch. :)  LOL.  Not happening as we know with a Golden but they are well worth it. :)  Just celebrated his birthday a couple weeks ago. Loves his brother along with his cousin next door a black lab/Shepherd mix. Thanks again you raised him well. ~Steve

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